What’s To Talk About?

If I had to guess, I’m not alone in bemoaning the fractured state of our Republic.

After all, America’s strength has long rested on its citizens’ unique ability to find compromise where others too often find fisticuffs.

But these days our social media platforms are dominated by increasingly aggressive partisan bickering, and the political divide is such that pundits have begun to contemplate a second Civil War.

Our culture of compromise is in critical condition.

I’ve long been a believer that America is stronger when power is divided. But the successful sharing of power requires sanity among those wielding it, and the American left (and its enablers in the Democratic Party) have abandoned all moral and political decency in favor of a radicalism that grows more insane by the day.

Consider the smiles on the faces of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his cronies as they signed into law legislation permitting the murder of fully formed human beings. Or the one-up suggestion by Cuomo’s Virginia counterpart Ralph Northam that his state would allow the execution of babies post-delivery.

Northam, to be fair, would soon embark on a very public apology tour. Not for contemplating state-sanctioned infanticide, of course, but rather for a picture that surfaced of his wearing blackface in a medical school yearbook more than three decades ago.

So you’ll excuse me if I decline to honor the American tradition of robust debate with people more outraged by an ill-advised stunt than the lawful killing of babies (for the record I never wanted to have coffee with Charles Manson, either).

The Democrats’ infatuation with death has sadly become a cornerstone of their political identity, even infiltrating their economics. Despite the fact that Communism’s body count tops every other political system’s in history, nearly every 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate is openly touting redistributive economic policies as a means to cure American society’s perceived ills, which given the current economy I can only assume include full employment and overall prosperity.

From Medicare-for-all to obscene taxes on the upper class (who, by the way, already pay the lion’s share of taxes in this country) to absurd attempts to combat climate change by retrofitting every building in America, the “big ideas” being floated by today’s Dems would make Lenin giddy.

So let’s forego the discussion, shall we? I have neither the time nor the energy to teach supposed adults the history they should have learned in childhood, and their ignorance of the past is no reason we should all be doomed to repeat it.

But that’s precisely what they would have us do.

While proclaiming the mantle of tolerance the American left simultaneously pushes an identity politic reliant on the segregation of the very people who’ve spent decades fighting for societal inclusion. Be it race, sex, sexual orientation, you name it, they have a box in which to squeeze you.

These categories are then weaponized, Jim Crow-style, to divide society and sow discord for no apparent reason other than to forward the Democratic Party’s political agenda. Remember, these are the people who joyously tried to sell the public on the Jussie Smollett narrative (and now lament its unraveling) and just months ago dragged a Supreme Court nominee before Congress simply because he was a conservative from some means.

If that’s their modus operandi they should be in prison, not debating the future of the country.

Besides, if they did it to him they’ll do it to us, so I say we politely decline their invitation to arrive at some sort of nonexistent bipartisanship. I only debate those whom I respect, and I simply cannot respect those who do not themselves respect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And it’s not as if engaging them would do any good. Their superiority complex is such that they honestly believe the entirety of human wisdom, gathered over millennia, is patently false.

The “party of science” is now insisting the biological realities of “male” and “female” are merely social constructs, as if sexual reproduction were some flat-Earth myth propagated by the white patriarchy. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic; their efforts to redefine gender are greatly harming our children.

Emboldened, they now demand we abandon the foods that have fueled eons of human progress. First it was meat, now it’s milk—pretty soon we will be forced to feed on each other.

Then there’s the border. Among the oldest and most fundamental duties of the state is the protection of its territory and, by extension, its citizens. Yet these days we are told that such protection is tantamount to racism, even genocide, despite decades of policies that have cost the country billions of dollars and far too many lives for the sake of cheap strawberries.

They demonize masculinity, as if half the country and their hormones are inherently evil; mock religion, which has saved countless souls from the depths of despair and served as society’s moral foundation since man’s beginnings; and label their opponents as “fascist” while advocating censorship and demanding greater government control.

I could go on, but why bother?

For at its core the modern left’s hysteria is merely a referendum on America. They hate what it stands for, as is their right. Just as it’s my right to refuse to engage with those who demonize the very country that has bestowed upon them the highest standard of living humanity has ever known. They are free to leave, and often threaten to, yet rarely follow through.

Of course, I don’t mean all liberals. Some, I assume, are good people, but they are clearly not sending us their best.

We are witnessing in real time the destruction of the oldest active political party in the world as lifelong party leaders and voters are suddenly supporting policies they would have labeled asinine only a few years ago.

I’d be more than willing to have a conversation if I could see any middle ground. But in its place is a giant chasm dividing my morality and what they see as necessary to completely transform the most successful political experiment in world history.

It has long been American policy to not negotiate with terrorists, and I see no reason to start now.

Besides, if the left and its Democratic enablers continue their descent into madness, they’ll blow themselves up before they reach the gates.

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