BREAKING: Shocking photo emerges of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in George Hamilton-face!


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is once again under fire after photos emerged that appear to depict her wearing makeup to mimic the complexion of beloved, and very tan, American actor George Hamilton.

The timing is particularly bad for Omar, who has been under increasing scrutiny due to her relationship with a married campaign aide and allegations that she committed tax and immigration fraud by marrying her brother. Her hatred of Jews, America, fast cars and puppies has likewise prompted backlash from conservative politicians and pundits.

Racist face painting seems to be a favorite pastime of liberal politicians these days; Virginia Governor (and unapologetic baby killer) Ralph Northam and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have also been caught up in unsavory face-painting scandals. 

Omar insists, however, that it was an homage rather than an insult. An aide reached via email said that the Congresswoman meant no offense and that she was merely a huge George Hamilton fan and thought it would make a good Halloween costume.

Hamilton, for his part, seemed willing to talk. “I have nothing to say to that brotherfucker, unless she wants to tell me what bronzer she used,” he said. “I would kill for her tone.”

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