The Left Will Always Find A Reason to Riot

Since the dawn of humanity, the world has never been a perfect place. And so long as humans call it home it will likely never be one.

And because America is part of this world, and therefore governed by the same physics, she will almost certainly never be perfect, either.

But perfection, it seems, is what is demanded of her by today’s left. She is to be cleansed of all impurities: inequality, pollution, tradition, you name it. It’s an impossible metric to be sure, but one that must be met lest they will take to the streets and burn down your city.

And perhaps nothing is more illustrative of this insanity than the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, in which Americans of all stripes, if only for a moment, found a rare consensus that remained elusive even during the greatest national health crisis in a century.

From Van Jones to Sean Hannity to Soledad O’Brien to Rush Limbaugh, nearly the entire American political spectrum agreed the arresting officer had committed a horrendous crime and should face justice.

But that wasn’t enough; despite the officer’s arrest, orchestrated, leftist mobs tore their respective cities to bits. And in the process turned a just cause into a carnival of radical debauchery, demeaning the legacy of George Floyd and so many others.

And for what? The mythological notion that American law enforcement goes out of its way to target people of color? While that was certainly true many decades ago, there’s very little, if any, data to support such a narrative these days. And any just movement should be grounded in facts, not raw, media-driven emotion.

Allow me to explain. With upwards of 800,000 law enforcement officers in a nation of roughly 330 million people, incidents such as Floyd’s murder are inevitable. Not excusable by any means, but inevitable.

Think about it: there are nearly 48 million black people in the United States, and according to a Washington Post database that tracks killings by police officers, in 2019 nine (unarmed) were shot to death by police. That means each unarmed, black American has a .00001875 percent chance of being shot dead by a cop. Granted George Floyd, and others such as Eric Garner, weren’t shot, but they are exceptions among already exceedingly rare events.

Not to mention the number of unarmed blacks killed by police has dropped sharply since 2015, so much so that it is now lower than the number of police officers killed by blacks. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean people have no right to be outraged. In fact, it’s this outrage that likely contributes to the decline in shootings and their rarity overall. And, once again, in no way are such incidents acceptable. 

But in a dynamic, complicated world, they will happen. 

The “Party of Science,” however, has a knack for ignoring objective fact when it becomes inconvenient to its agenda, which has grown exponentially more radical since Trump took office. So much so that these days that agenda is far more invested in chaos than actual change.

After all, the riots are in many ways the natural result of Democratic cities’ insane lockdown measures, obviously instituted not out of medical caution, but out of a lust to hurt the economy and, by extension, Trump’s chances at reelection.

And the resulting damage of that lust is now playing out in real time as the young and jobless direct their anger at the very minorities they claim to be protecting. It’s not all their fault, though. 

Most have been so coddled and indoctrinated by public education that they are susceptible to propaganda from groups like Antifa (which, by the way, conservatives have attempted to warn the country about for years). With no struggle and very little purpose, they yearn for conflict. And Democrats and their media mouthpieces are all too happy to indulge them.

Of course, most are neither black nor oppressed, but have gladly hijacked a cause they recognize has great potential to further their socialist political agenda. They occasionally march, but more often choose to cheer on the riots via social media from the comfort of their couch. And that cheerleading has real consequences.

I would know.

As an impressionable college student who never served in the military, I cheered on the Iraq War from my sofa with little consideration for the Iraqis whose homes and businesses were being bombed. And, for that matter, the brave men and women who served this country and were also killed and maimed during that disastrous conflict.

And much like Iraq so many years ago, the casualties Stateside are starting to pile up. 

Despite protests from Floyd’s family to end the violence, the rioters have taken the lives of two innocent black men in a matter of days; one can only assume the lives of Patrick Underwood and David Dorn mattered also.

Other greatest hits include setting fire to an apartment building, with a child inside, and preventing firefighters from getting close enough to fight the blaze; an assault on an elderly woman defending a business; the setting ablaze of a homeless person’s property; and the alleged torture and killing of a shelter puppy.

I suppose this is all acceptable collateral damage until the President is forced to fire upon the increasingly bold mobs, thus accomplishing the Democrats’ desired bad optics ahead of the election. The dead rioters? Acceptable collateral damage as well.

It’s telling that thus far no leading Democrats, at least to my knowledge, have publicly criticized Antifa’s role in the current maelstrom.

Because so long as America remains imperfect they will do whatever is necessary to seize the reigns of power and perfect her, at least as they see it.

The result is a nation in a state of perpetual turmoil.

And that’s an America wholly antithetical to the hard-earned progress of the last few decades, and one that any person in their right mind should instantly reject.

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