White liberals are no friend to the black community

It’s rare that I agree with Malcolm X. But when the truth is stated it must be acknowledged, no matter the speaker.

Decades ago the militant activist was sounding the alarm on the dangers posed to black Americans by white leftists stating, among other (and more colorful) things: “The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.”

X’s words, conveniently buried by an American left, ring truer today than ever as hordes of woke whites hijack the collective rage brought on by George Floyd’s death in order to advance not primarily the black cause, but a larger, more encompassing Marxist agenda and, of course, their own “woke” street cred.

For proof one need look no further than the white left’s daily efforts to set new Guinness World Records for virtue signaling. From “Black Out Tuesday” to physical gatherings in which whites kneel and apologize for the color of their skin en masse, today’s melanin-challenged activists are more often shining a spotlight on their own manufactured empathy than they are on George Floyd’s murder.

Their tone deaf hypocrisy is such that it’s visible from the other side of the globe; the Chinese word “baizuo,” according to Urban Dictionary, describes a “naive western educated person who advocates for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority.”

“Educated” is a subjective term, but there’s no denying that America’s colleges and universities have turned white guilt into official curricula and mobilized millions of social justice warriors intent on rectifying highly debatable injustices for the sake of their own egos.

The result: mobs of clueless Caucasians in their twenties and thirties, up to their ears in debt after being sold useless degrees by liberal institutions, wreaking havoc across America because a liberal union in one of the most liberal states in the country protected a dirty cop for years.

Clearly critical thinking is not a required class on campus these days, leaving these disenchanted degree-holders vulnerable to historically ignorant propaganda from groups like Antifa, thereby shrouding every social cause they champion in an explosive mixture of Marxism and anarchy.

To my knowledge the black community at large has never advocated for either, yet they are now forced to combat both due to the symbiotic relationship between white liberals and far-left lunatics whose primary political tactic is hijacking the cause du jour for the sake of chaos.

How else does one explain the defaced plaques dedicated to one of the first banks to open accounts for freed slaves, or the vandalism of the memorial to the President who actually freed the slaves? Or better yet the countless minority homes and businesses that have been destroyed or the rising number of black Americans killed during the recent unrest?

With friends like white liberals, do black Americans need enemies? After all, just months ago we were told large gatherings would kill Grandma, and now thousands are marching shoulder-to-shoulder in the name of “social justice” grossly disdainful of the fact that the spread of COVID-19 may disproportionately kill . . . wait for it . . . black people!

Of course, that didn’t stop so-called “health experts” such as Dr. Tom Frieden, former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Jennifer Nuzzo of Johns Hopkins’ Outbreak Observatory, from cheering on the very mobs they previously warned us against. 

After all, there is political ground to be gained and retweets to count, black lives be damned!

But the damage done by white wokeness in the short-term may be dwarfed by that of the long term, as the constant labeling of good people as “racists” for not joining the irascible mobs will only further polarize America, morphing what is at its core a human rights issue into a political one. And the increasingly one-sided conversation will drown out critical examinations of cultural issues in the black community that, if addressed, would greatly reduce negative interactions with police (while I do not believe Mr. Floyd was in any way to blame for his tragic death, too many other instances are clouded in shades of gray and could likely have been prevented had the interaction not occurred to begin with).

None of this is to say that all white liberals are bad. Many obviously have good intentions and more nuanced views than the turmoil on television suggests. But in today’s increasingly binary world their causes are becoming absorbed by radicals intent not on reforming systems, but in many cases overthrowing them entirely. 

The resulting mayhem will do little, if anything, to help black people as the vast majority of America will associate their cause with that of the violent left that has commandeered it.

But it will do plenty to advance radical leftist ideologies and white liberals’ own self-righteousness which is really, in the end, all they wanted in the first place.

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