Democrats still think we’re stupid

Well, what did you expect?

It’s not as if the people currently trying to weasel Joe Biden into the White House think we are smart enough to stop them.

We are the ignorant deplorables who voted a racist misogynist into office, remember? And the dumb chumps and ten-toothed rubes who want to keep him there. 

Uncivilized half-wits who want what is best for their country have no business running it. Such heavy lifting should be left to the “smart people.”

You know, those types who graduated from the Ivy League and who usually work in law, government, and the media. They summer in Cape Cod, or perhaps the Hamptons, and use meaningless terms such as “whiteness” and “Latinx”. They know a good deal more than we ever will, so perhaps we should stick to our Kid Rock and college football.

They’ve got this.

Nevermind the fact they’ve been wrong about every major story for the last four years.

These are the geniuses who claimed Trump was a Russian agent; Brett Kavanaugh ran a high school gang rape ring; Jussie Smollett was a hero; and Nick Sandmann was a racist villain. 

It was this same gifted class that predicted, unflinchingly, that Biden would win in a landslide and that Republicans’ support of Trump would cost them the Senate and a few more House seats. 

Nostradamus they ain’t. And Joe Biden might just be their perfect mascot. 

Biden, after all, is a man who touts his intelligence while pouring salt in his coffee. And a man who pays little price for his mental lapses thanks to his “smart people” friends.

This is, after all, a man who toured the country quoting the comically frivolous accusations in The Atlantic that Trump called our troops “losers” and “suckers” and who repeated, ad nauseam, the widely debunked lie that the President referred to the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville as “very fine people.”

It’s not as if us hay-chewin’ troglodytes in flyover country would know better. “The Atlantic? As in the ocean?”

Not only that, but Biden’s campaign relied almost entirely on painting the President’s response to COVID as inept, as if we are incapable of remembering that it was Governor Nipple Rings who threw COVID-positive patients into nursing homes. And the media’s accusations of racism against the President because he rightfully pointed out the virus came from China.

In their defense, it was probably for our own good. As I’ve said we are, all 70+ million of us, just too stupid to worry about such complicated things. 

So stupid, in fact, that they think they can steal the election from right under our noses. And why not? They’ve tried for nearly four years to steal the last one with virtually no consequences. Why shouldn’t they try again?

The smart people even described, in print, how they were going to do it. The CEO of Hawkfish, a pro-Democrat data firm, told Axios prior to the election:

      “We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump. When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be some day after Election Day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage.”

He wasn’t wrong.

Election offices in key battleground states simply called it a night when Trump appeared to be cruising. At least the state of Georgia tried to come up with a valid excuse: a water pipe burst in a ballot processing center, thus forcing them to delay the vote count.


Are we honestly supposed to believe that Arizona, a state that hosted a supposed 96-mile Trump car parade, is neck-and-neck? Or that Republicans made down-ballot gains but Trump, who boasts a 95 percent approval rating among Republicans, lost the Presidency?

As Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani asked at a press conference in Philadelphia the day after the election: “Do you think we’re stupid? You think we’re fools?”

Yes Rudy, they do. And they always have. Which is why they believe they are justified in retaining power by any means necessary.

And why we can’t let them.

You see, every single story or sound bite about Trump refusing to concede is aimed at tricking us into thinking that his insistence that the votes be certified is somehow unprecedented.

As if we don’t remember the 2016 recounts, or the fact that Al Gore refused to concede for more than a month following his defeat in 2000 as his lawsuits were filed and rejected.

It’s all psychological warfare at this point; the more the smart people insist that Biden won the more we will accept that it’s fact, or so they hope. 

And perhaps he did, but we aren’t so stupid as to simply take their word for it.

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